When it comes to home security, some of the most vulnerable areas of the house are the doors and windows. Securing doors and windows is frequently overlooked in favour of installing high-end security equipment, yet for a fraction of the price security can be greatly enhanced by focusing on your doors and windows.

The first area we shall examine is how to secure your windows. Many security experts will tell you a variety of different things concerning this topic, most of them involving buying expensive alarm systems, when most of the time all you need to do is make your home harder to access.

Depending on the type of window you have, different approaches need to be taken. The different types of windows and how to better secure them are listed below. Keep in mind it is always good to consult your local Las Vegas locksmith to get a final piece of advice.

  1. Casement windows

These windows have a crank inside to lock the window and open outward. Usually, they are almost impossible to open from the outside, but you can still get aftermarket locks like the casement stay locking pin that will help further secure your windows.

  1. Sliding windows

Sliding windows come in two types, standard sliding windows that slide sideways, and hung windows that slide upwards. Both types are easier to bypass than casement windows because of the latching systems the employ. The best way to secure these windows is to invest in a sash stop, to prevent the window sliding back and forth.


To secure doors, it is always advisable to replace your locks with more heavy duty security locks if you have not already done so. Ask your local locksmith what locks would be best to get for the door you have installed. Also, avoid having glass on any exterior doors. If you do have glass on any doors, ensure that it is shatterproof or tempered glass to ensure a higher level of security.

Ultimately, it is important that all exterior weaknesses are not overlooked when it comes to home security. Remember, consult your local Las Vegas locksmith for advice on how best to secure your home.

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