Did you reach home only to realize that you’ve locked yourself out and the spare set of keys is inside the house? Don’t fret, call a locksmith. Locksmiths are trained professionals who can open any lock. Think Italian Job-like lock breaking, but minus the glamor.

A simple online search will yield numerous hits. Choosing from so many options is tiresome; here are 10 points to consider while choosing a locksmith:

  1. No license, no hire: Do not hire a locksmith who isn’t accredited from a license body. It is unsafe to trust a locksmith who isn’t certified. It becomes a security concern.
  2. Compare the rates: Have the local locksmith quote their price. This will help you plan your expenses. There are two types of charges- fixed and per hour basis. The fixed type charge is for services provided like picking the main door lock or getting a new set of keys made. It is economical to hire a fixed locksmith over one who charges per hour.
  3. A good lock comes with a warranty: When you’re getting a lock replaced, choose one which comes with a warranty. A warranty is the seal of a good quality product.
  4. When is the locksmith free? Enquiring about the lock smiths schedule is very important. Hire a technician who operates on a schedule which is flexible. Those working under a fixed schedule are limited by a time frame. To maintain this, the work they do for you may be hurried and substandard.
  5. Has a background check been done on the employees? A background check will reveal if the employee has been convicted of any unlawful charges such as breaking and entering, theft etc. Only those who you trust completely must be assigned the job of ensuring your home’s safety.
  6. Is the technician certified? With any field, in order to stay on top of the game regular skill updating is required. A savvy locksmith is updated with the latest techniques. Certification courses are proof of the attending locksmith workshops.
  7. Professionalism: You can evaluate the locksmith’s professionalism by the way he explains the job that is needed.
  8. Local operation: It doesn’t add up if you hire a decorated locksmith who does not offer services in your area. Seek someone who operates locally.
  9. Enquire the level of technician’s experience: You cannot have a rookie work on your door. Only an experienced eye will rightly assess the situation and work accordingly. Experience also teaches the technician to work with any key type from regular to keyless locks.
  10. Cost Estimate: Can you trust a technician who has no idea about an estimated expense cost?

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