Finding a locksmith in Las Vegas is not a difficult task. There are many locksmiths advertising their services online and on other media. Usually, all it takes is a phone call, and it is possible to get someone to help you with your lock issues.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of fake, unscrupulous locksmiths, who are more interested in your property than in repairing and locks.

Here is how you can spot them:

Physical Address:

A professional locksmith will have a physical address for the company they work from. If there is no physical address or the address given on a website cannot be found, then you are likely dealing with a fraudulent locksmith.

Low Charges:

Good service does not come cheap. Before you settle on a locksmith in Las Vegas, make sure to get a quotation from several locksmiths in the area. The one that is charging the lowest is likely to be the fake locksmith. A locksmith who charges a very low amount is clearly not interested in your money. Most likely, they are interested in gaining access to your home or vehicle so that they can later take advantage of you.


Locksmiths who work for legitimate companies in Las Vegas will be dressed in branded uniform. They will also travel in a van or other vehicle that has the company’s logo on the side. If your locksmith does not have either of these marks for identification, then they are likely a fake locksmith.


A professional locksmith will have documentation that reveals his certification and qualifications. Fake locksmiths are unlikely to have any formal training, and, therefore, cannot produce documentation. Use of Force A fake locksmith by virtue of not being trained will often use brute force or unneeded tools to open a lock to your house or car.

So if your locksmith is using a drill to open a simple lock and then charges you a hefty fee, the chances of him being fake are very high. Always carry out a background check before you take on a locksmith.

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